Validation, Testing & Certification

Bsimac 9.0 has been successfully tested in accordance with ANSI/ASHRAE 140-2007, independently verified, and certified by Agrément South Africa for all classes of buildings.

The full Certificate can be downloaded here


User Manual and Help

A comprehensive User Manual is included with Bsimac 9. In addition, contextual Help is available on most input screens giving explanations and default values for the required input. 


The expected range of the input values is shown on the data input screens. Any entered values that fall outside of the expected range, are shown in red to alert the user.  

In addition, extensive checking of the input data is carried out by Bsimac 9 before the start of computations. Should there be any inconsistency in the data, a warning message would be displayed explaining the problem and how to fix it, followed by the display of the screen where a correction is required.