Five different versions, with unlimited or reduced maximum number of rooms (zones) are offered. The prices shown do not include the VAT. 

Item Description Price
Bsimac9-2 Up to a maximum of 2 rooms (zones) or 2 plants R3,400
Bsimac9-5 Up to a maximum of 5 rooms (zones) or 5 plants R4,600
Bsimac9-10 Up to a maximum of 10 rooms (zones) or 10 plants R5,400
Bsimac9-30 Up to a maximum of 30 rooms (zones) or 30 plants R6,500
Bsimac9-U Unlimited number of rooms (zones) or plants R7,500

The price for upgrading to a higher version is the price difference between the versions, plus R600.00.


The licence system is based on the use of dongles making Bsimac 9 independent of a server, other software, or Internet connection. A single licence includes one dongle which allows you to use Bsimac on a number of computers (one at a time) in your office, or on your laptop at home or in an aeroplane.