Fast energy simulation

It may be frustrating and even counter-productive if your software takes too long to compute each option you wish to consider.  With Bsimac 9, we have utilised advanced and efficient programming and data handling techniques to achieve very fast program execution without any reduction in the accuracy of the computed results.

For example, a full annual energy simulation of a two-storey office building with a floor area of 2000 m2  took less than a minute to be completed using Bsimac 9 software. In another case, a full annual energy simulation of a three-storey office building with 70 offices took less than 7 minutes to be completed.

Another time-saving feature of Bsimac 9 is that most of the HVAC equipment design options can be evaluated without the need for repeating the main simulation run, which means that the simulation results for these options are obtained almost immediately. This is possible because the hourly cooling and heating requirements for the building itself (which are independent of the type of HVAC equipment) are saved during the main simulation run. They are later retrieved for the simulation runs of each HVAC equipment option, and with these runs being very fast, the simulation results become available virtually instantaneously.